Bill of Sale Templates

Bill of Sale Templates

Never take the risk of buying an item or goods without the bill of sales. Bill of sales is basically an essential document that is equally important for the seller as well as the buyer. It is used to transfer the ownership right to the buyer along with the clear mention of the sales on which both of them agree. A bill of sale is used by common people as well as businesses.

The format of bill of sale varies from state to state according to the law of the state but the most common bills of sales contain;

  • Details of the items or goods
  • Name, address and contact of the seller
  • The same details of the buyer
  • Amount in which the seller is selling the item to the buyer
  • Signature of seller along with the oath that the details provided are according to best of his knowledge

A bill of sales usually consists of two copies. One is to be kept by the buyer; the other should remain with the seller. There can be absolute bills which do not give any security, or the conditional bills that are agreed on certain conditions providing some kind of security.

You should be clear that bill of sales is not required for everything that you buy. The major exceptions of bills of sales are;

  • Real estate:

Since real estate matters are more complex, bills of sales does not suffice here.

  • Services:

For performing different services, the better option is to make mutual contracts.

  • Small Sales:

Since the main purpose of bill of sales is to avoid any fraud and loss, it is used for bigger   sales usually. We don’t expect you to be insane enough to ask for a bill of sales on buying a couple of cute little nemo fish.

If you stopped by our website while searching some bill of sales templates, please don’t leave disappointed. What you are searching is here.

Buy safely. Sell safely!

Equipment Bill of Sale
Equipment Bill of Sale
 File Size: 116 KB Download .DOC

Vehicle bill of sale
Vehicle bill of sale
 File Size: 40 KB Download .DOC

Electronic bill of sale
Electronic bill of sale
 File Size: 44 KB Download .XLS

Yacht bill of sale
Yacht bill of sale
 File Size: 56 KB Download .DOC

Horse bill of sale
Horse bill of sale
 File Size: 48 KB Download .DOC


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