24 Business Letter Templates for Individuals


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You can write an informal and frank letters to the friends and family you know. As informal as you like, as informal as close you are to them. But when it comes to business letters, nay! You can’t! Since business letters are far more formal than the informal letters that we send to our dear
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28 Newsletter Templates for Professional Use

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A newsletter is a piece of paper that is released and provided to the subscribers after regular intervals of time and it contains the information on the topic of interest of the individuals who are linked to the company or organization in any way. The clubs and the associations send the newsletter to the individuals
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11 Coloring Books for Kids and Adults

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One of the great activities for the kids that not only helps them in learning new things, but also in knowing how to color perfectly is the coloring books and the pages with the images. Some kids are interested in arts, drawing and making innovative images and the coloring books are perfect for them to
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15 Calculator Templates for Everyone

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Business calculator is something that assists in the day to day running of the business as it helps in calculating the amount which is linked to the business. It is a tool that helps in evaluating the cash flow which in turn assists in making required changes to improve the running of the business. There
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It is a document that is handed over to the customer by the seller and it contains the details of the purchased product. The quantity of the purchased items and the rate of the product are also mentioned on it, it is given as a proof that the customer has paid the amount on which
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