8 Time Sheet Templates for Timekeepers

8 Time Sheet Templates for Timekeepers

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The timesheet is a sheet used for tracking time; usually it is used by business owners. An employee time sheet is a technique or a method that is utilized for maintaining a record of the hours which the employee has spent while working for the company or the organization in which he/she is hired. It is a great way of writing down the time, which eliminates the confusion when the employer has to pay for the working hours and it also serves as a proof. It makes easy for the employer to calculate the total amount by tracking the hours for which the employee worked as the employer can pay the amount which is decided per hour when the person is hired for the job. The time sheet also assists in keeping the records when it’s the matter of project management and it is useful when a person works at home for the companies, it helps in keeping a record of the working hours for which the person has worked online for a specific client or a company. It works well in making an individual able to manage time in a better way as a person can increase the speed of working by getting the help of the time sheet. Not only in tracking the working hours, the time sheet also helps in tracking the time for which a kid studies.

The details that are mentioned in a time sheet include the detail of the task that a person completed, the time when the task was started and the time when it was finished. The other uses of the time sheet include the estimating of the cost of a project and the time spent for the completion of the project. The hectic task of estimating the time that is taken by the whole project and the amount which is paid to the employees is made a hassle-free task with the assistance of a time sheet.

We have time sheet templates available here; you can save different types of templates on our website and can easily download them as well.

time and attendance sheet
Time and attendance sheet
 File Size: 40 KB Download .XLS

biweekly time sheet
Biweekly time sheet
 File Size: 36 KB Download .XLS

controllable time worksheet
Controllable time worksheet
 File Size: 36 KB Download .XLS

operations employee timesheet
Operations employee timesheet
 File Size: 52 KB Download .XLS

weekly time sheet without break
Weekly time sheet without break
 File Size: 44 KB Download .XLS

weekly time sheet with breaks
Weekly time sheet with breaks
 File Size: 44 KB Download .XLS

employee timecard template
Employee time card template
 File Size: 36 KB Download .XLS

sports sign up sheet
Sports sign up sheet
 File Size: 56 KB Download .XLS


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