21 Receipt Templates for Personal and Business Use

21 Receipt Templates for Personal and Business Use

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Receipt Templates

Have you noticed how many receipts you have taken in a week? A receipt is an evidence to ensure that a payment has been made. It is a valid legal acknowledgment to resolve a dispute or it may be helpful in filing the taxes.

The receipt content contains the relevant matter according to the subject like information about the subject, owner, amount, date, mode of payment etc. Receipt number is usually printed on the corner of the receipt. Receipt could be big or small according to the subject. Signatures are also taken on the receipt to ensure validity.

Various on-line templates offer a pre-designed receipt. Ms office has created a lot of receipts on-line to facilitate the users. Your transactions would be recorded in a complete professional style in these templates. A receipt template showcases an ideal outline for your receipt. An exotic blend of text, fonts and other customized option let your receipt exhibit a comprehensive out-look. Other free on-line template sites are also offering well –designed formats for receipt templates .You can use them for your business or personal use and the downloaded receipt can be printed to distribute among the purchasers.

Types of Receipts

  • Payment receipt
  • Rent receipt
  • Delivery receipts

The templates are available in all the above formats, presenting the details of sale purchase or delivery with date timings and signatures. Just download your choice of receipt templates for an acknowledgement of payments.

advance cash receipt
Advance Cash Receipt
 File Size: 36 KB Download .DOC

Billing Receipt
Billing Receipt
 File Size: 124 KB Download .DOC

business account receipt
Business Account Receipt
 File Size: 60 KB Download .XLS

business services receipt
Business Services Receipt
 File Size: 60 KB Download .XLS

car deposit receipt
Car Deposit Receipt
 File Size: 180 KB Download .XLS

carpenter receipt
Carpenter Receipt
 File Size: 40 KB Download .XLS

Cash deposit receipt
Cash Deposit Receipt
 File Size: 104 KB Download .DOC

commercial receipt
Commercial Receipt
 File Size: 60 KB Download .XLS

construction receipt
Construction Receipt
 File Size: 56 KB Download .XLS

customer cash payment receipt
Customer Cash Payment Receipt
 File Size: 44 KB Download .XLS

cash receipt
Cash Receipt
 File Size: 40 KB Download .XLS

donation receipt
Donation Receipt
 File Size: 20 KB Download .XLS

Wedding services receipt
Wedding Services Receipt
 File Size: 40 KB Download .XLS

home repair receipt
Home Repair Receipt
 File Size: 128 KB Download .XLS

car deposit receipt
Cash Deposit Receipt
 File Size: 148 KB Download .DOC

Restaurant Receipt
Restaurant Receipt
 File Size: 36 KB Download .XLS

towing service receipt
Towing Service Receipt
 File Size: 100 KB Download .XLS

daycare receipt
Daycare Receipt
 File Size: 240 KB Download .DOC

Psychologist receipt
Psychologist Receipt
 File Size: 56 KB Download .XLS

sales receipt
Sales Receipt
 File Size: 100 KB Download .XLS

itemized receipt
Itemized Receipt
 File Size 44 KB Download .XLS

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