19 Letterhead Templates for MS WORD

19 Letterhead Templates for MS WORD

A letterhead is the printing of the name of the organization, the name of the individual or the business on a piece of stationary. Usually a letterhead is found on the envelopes and on paper. An individual or an organization makes use of a letterhead because it gives a sense of recognition along with a show of authority. When using the stationary with a letterhead, an individual feels pride of knowing that he/she works in that organization.

The letterhead consists of the logo of the organization or the business. If the letterhead is for an individual then usually the name of the individual is printed upon. When designing a letterhead, it is crucial that it must be a representative of the organization it is signifying. The colors and the font should be used that is used to signify and represent the organization. For example if the organization makes use of blues and greens in the logo, then the designing should be done by keeping these colors in mind.

The top of the stationary should consist of the logo so it is viewable whenever one uses it, many prefer to keep it in the corner but preferably the top should be utilized. Contact details such as address and phone number should also be kept as a part of a letterhead. This makes replying easier for the receiver.

Note that when designing a letterhead, make sure that the details aren’t too small so they aren’t readable and aren’t too big so they take up most of the space.

Blue Bottom with Official Mono
File Size: 247 KB Download .DOC
Blue and Red Formal Design Letterhead
File Size: 234 KB Download .DOC
Blue Wave Letterhead
File Size: 260 KB Download .DOC
Blue Marginal Design Letterhead
 File size: 239 KB Download .DOC
Pink Left Bordered Letterhead
 File Size: 242 KB Download .DOC
Business light pink square
Business Light Pink Square
 File Size: 244 KB Download .DOC
business black square
Business Black Square Letterhead
 File Size: 88 KB Download .DOC
Business black grey
Business Black Grey Letterhead
 File Size: 98 KB Download .DOC
business pink bright letterhead
Business Pink Bright Letterhead
File Size: 103 KB  Download .DOC
business orange curve letterhead
Business Orange Curve Letterhead
 File Size: 135 KB Download .DOC
business light blue curve letterhead
Business Light Blue Curve Letterhead
 File Size: 101 KB Download .DOC
business light blue bar letterhead
Business Light Blue Bar Letterhead
 File Size: 91 KB Download .DOC
business grey green corner letterhead
Business Grey Green Corner Letterhead
 File Size: 56 KB Download .DOC
Business pink bubble letterhead
Business Pink Bubble Letterhead
 File Size: 117 KB Download .DOC
business green dots letterhead
Business Green Dots Letterhead
 File Size: 144 KB Download .DOC
business blue bar letterhead
Business Blue Bar Letterhead
 File Size: 104 KB Download .DOC
business blue cloud letterhead
Business Blue Cloud Letterhead
 File Size: 93 KB Download .DOC
business light grey letterhead
Business Light Grey Letterhead
 File Size: 87 KB Download .DOC
business purple flower letterhead
Business Purple Flower Letterhead
 File Size: 120 KB Download .DOC

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