18 Academic Letters for all Educationists

18 Academic Letters for all Educationists

If you have an enough academic background, you can surely relate to academic letters though you might have to brainstorm a little to recall those academic letters that you or someone for you had written during your academic career. Think of the reference letter from your previous institute teacher that helped you get admission in a renowned university. That was an academic reference letter. Think of the letter that you had written yourself to an academy or college to grant you admission. That was an academic cover letter. Think a little more and you’ll recall that a senior of yours had written a personal reference letter for you in order to get you selected for a training program supposed to be only for selected students. That was a personal reference letter. Collectively, they all were academic letters.

When we define business letters we say they’re letter written by or for the people in the business sphere. Similarly the academic letters are the letters written by or for the academic people; students, teachers etc. You may overlook tens of other types of academic letters just because you have never written them. A few of those tens of academic letters are ; college recommendation letter from a teacher, recommendation letter for graduate school, law school reference letter, character reference letter, reference request letter, fee concession letter to Vice Chancellor of university, college transfer application letter etc. You can elongate this chain of academic letters as much as you brainstorm.

Don’t regret for not availing the opportunity to write reference letters that might have brought you benefits as you can still write them though a little later, a little differently.  On behalf of your children: Not a bad idea? When you do so, don’t forget that Google can help you search good examples of all academic letters. It provides you with professional templates too lest you ruin your child’s academic career!

No laughing it’s serious.

Back to school welcome letter
Back to School Welcome Letter
File Size: 37 KB Download .DOC

Charatcter reference letter
Charatcter Reference Letter
File Size: 23 KB Download .DOC

College admission information requesting letter
College Admission Information Requesting Letter
File Size: 24 KB Download .DOC

college transfer meeting requesting letter
College Transfer Meeting Requesting Letter
 File Size: 24 KB Download .DOC

Confirmation of second interview letter
Confirmation of Second Interview Letter
 File Size: 26 KB Download .DOC

Leave application letter
Leave Application Letter
 File Size: 24 KB Download .DOC

letter requesting college program information
Letter Requesting College Program Information
 File Size: 23 KB Download .DOC

letter requesting graduate school recommendation
Letter Requesting Graduate school Recommendation
File Size: 25 KB Download .DOC

letter requesting help with job search
Letter Requesting Help with Job Search
 File Size: 24 KB Download .DOC

letter requesting job recommendation from professor
Letter Requesting Job Recommendation from Professor
 File Size: 25 KB Download .DOC

parent teacher conference requesting letter
Parent Teacher Conference Requesting Letter
 File Size: 25 KB Download .DOC

reference letter from teacher
Reference Letter from Teacher
 File Size: 23 KB Download .DOC

student profile information requesting letter
Student Profile Information Requesting Letter
 File Size: 40 KB Download .DOC

student reference letter
Student Reference Letter
 File Size: 28 KB Download .DOC

Thank you letter to teacher
Thank you Letter to Teacher
 File Size: 24 KB Download .DOC

School principal letter to parent about allergy
School Principal Letter to Parent about Allergy
 File Size: 29 KB Download .DOC

Letter of cooperation for data collection in schools
Letter of Cooperation for Data Collection in Schools
 File Size: 39 KB Download .DOC

Letter to Academic Counselor
Letter to Academic Counselor
 File Size: 36 KB Download .DOC


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