12 Checklist Templates for Everyone’s Job

12 Checklist Templates for Everyone’s Job

If you are an absent minded personality or very busy in your daily chore or business dealings you might forget many thing everyday which sometimes are too important that it could ruin your life. To take such hassles it is good to prepare checklists for the daily tasks and items that you check routinely to remember every important job.

Checklists are now a part of our lives as it helps to maintain both the daily chores and professions. It is also helpful in planning some events and having an out of station trip. Shopping could be making organized by having a checklist of items especially when you are to in a grocery store.

Making a manual checklist is a bit boring as people avoid writing lengthy list on papers. Considering such situations various software’s are offering pre-formatted checklist which are totally free online to write your important items and task in an organized manner.

Components of a Simple Checklist:


  • It is a simple sheet with date and title
  • It has serial numbers with spaces
  • In front of every serial number and space there is a square or check box to tick
  • Some good checklist also has blocks and additional spaces to write important notes

These blank checklist is filled by the user according to your own choice and data and a check is marked in the check box after the completion of the task. However, some pre-formatted checklist also offer written templates with common task like in a travel checklist it might be possible that the task are pre-written to ease the user. These templates are fully editable to delete or enter your task with easy to download and print options.

Common Checklist Templates:


  • Wedding Checklist
  • Job Search Checklist
  • Traveling checklist
  • Checklist for Business Trips
  • Checklist When Working With airways

New company setup checklist
New Company Setup Checklist
 File Size: 64 KB Download .DOC

holiday family event checklist
Holiday Family Event Checklist
 File Size: 36 KB Download .XLS

new year resolution checklist
New Year Resolution Checklist
 File Size: 36 KB Download .XLS

house cleaning checklist
House Cleaning Checklist
 File Size: 44 KB Download .XLS

building maintenance checklist
Building Maintenance Checklist
 File Size: 44 KB Download .XLS

Employee orientation checklist
Employee Orientation Checklist
 File Size: 48 KB Download .XLS

business planning checklist
Business Planning Checklist
 File Size: 28 KB Download .XLS

retirement checklist template
Retirement Checklist Template
 File Size: 44 KB Download .XLS

travel checklist
Travel Checklist Template
 File Size: 36 KB Download .XLS

Vehicle maintenance checklist
Vehicle Maintenance Checklist
 File Size: 44 KB Download .XLS

Ideal car checklist
Ideal Car Checklist
 File Size: 72 KB Download .XLS

ideal dog checklist
Ideal Dog Checklist
 File Size: 108 KB Download .DOC


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