12 Analysis Templates for Business Solutions

12 Analysis Templates for Business Solutions

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The persons who are involved in business are always in a practice of analyzing different operations, product or services to progress successfully. This is needed to stay in the competitive market with firm roots. Analysis on specific periods will let the company stand upright and will display the professionalism in the marketing strategies.

Analysis is not only associated with business however other fields of life also get through various analysis to progress efficiently .If such assessments whether in business dealings or in common lives are documented then it will form an analytical report of the relevant function from scientific experiment to financial statements, everything is tested and analyzed to examine the outcome of the given tasks.

The business analysis will help the business to introduce distinctive products or services which are completely different from the competitors.

How Analysis can help?


  • Check each and every point of the business proceedings
  • Determine the lacking in finance
  • Determine the lacking in the quality of product and services offered
  • Compare the working strategies with the rivals
  • Points towards the weakness of the organization
  • Determine the strength of organization
  • Analyze the weakness and strength of the rival groups
  • Help in planning and proceedings

Analytical report writing need some skills and technicalities, therefore it is better to write analysis via on-line free analysis templates as these templates offer professional designs and language which can be customized according to your specifications and information. Download these free analysis templates, fill –in your assessments and get a printed copy through the print option.

Example of Analysis:

These are the few simple examples of on-line free analysis templates

  • CD switch analysis
  • Budget analysis
  • Financial statement analysis

Comparative earning analysis
Comparative Earning Analysis
 File Size: 36 KB Download .XLS

Cash flow sensitivity analysis
Cash Flow Sensitivity Analysis
 File Size: 40 KB Download .XLS

breakeven analysis
Breakeven Analysis
 File Size: 28 KB Download .XLS

average selling price analysis
Average Selling Price Analysis
 File Size: 32 KB Download .XLS

Annual direct labor analysis
Annual Direct Labor Analysis
 File Size: 28 KB Download .XLS

CD switch analysis template
CD Switch Analysis Template
 File Size: 32 KB Download .XLS

inventory analysis
Inventory Analysis
 File Size: 52 KB Download .XLS

Quarterly budget analysis template
Quarterly Budget Analysis Template
 File Size: 36 KB Download .XLS

Debt ratios analysis
Debt Ratios Analysis
 File Size: 32 KB Download .XLS

Diet and Exercise Analysis Worksheet
Diet and Exercise Analysis Worksheet
 File Size: 96 KB Download .XLS

loan analysis worksheet
Loan Analysis Worksheet
 File Size: 48 KB Download .XLS

Industry Analysis Template
Industry Analysis Template
 File Size: 268 KB Download .XLS


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