5 Memo Templates Collection for MS WORD

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Memo is the short form of memorandum. Memorandum is basically a written message which is usually used in businesses or diplomacy. These messages are used to officially communicate in written format. Memos are mostly written to inform about something, to persuade someone for action, to give a feedback on an issue or to give a reaction on some important matter. In most cases memo is only a piece of information or reminder such as, a reminder of an important meeting, or information about an upcoming event etc. Memos usually are not used to communicate confidential information.

There are different types of memorandums. Here are a few;

  • Directive memo: One that is used to direct someone about a particular action
  • Trip report memo: One that is sent to supervisors by employee after a business trip
  • Dress code memo: One prescribing a new dress code for employees
  • Status memo: One that is used to send progress report of project or assignment to a supervisor.

Most memos are not complexly formatted. They are just simple documents. The general format of a simple memo includes the mention of who it is from, to whom it is being sent, date, subject and message.  A rough format is given below:

From:          The supervisor
To:                All employees
Date:           12:12:12
Subject:      Dress code change

Business people use memos on daily basis, that too for different purposes.  Since business people have other important tasks to do, it is difficult to manage to spend a lot of time in designing memos. Here is where a wide range of memos can be found to use for different purposes.  We’re serving some quality memo templates on our website and want you to get yourself more engaged in important tasks than designing memo templates. We’re already doing it for you.

Memo Contemporary design
Memo Contemporary Design
 File Size: 44 KB Download .DOC

Memo Elegant Design
Memo Elegant Design
 File Size: 33 KB Download .DOC

Memo Professional Design
Memo Professional Design
 File Size: 37 KB Download .DOC

Memo Simple Design
Memo Simple Design
 File Size: 37 KB Download .DOC

Memo with Watermark
Memo with Watermark
 File Size: 40 KB Download .DOC


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