36 Agreement Templates for Everyone

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When two persons or two groups make a deal and set some conditions to fulfill the deal, then both are agreed on the terms and conditions to advance the deal. The methodology to progress the deal is also settled peacefully and when all these specifications are bring into writing then an agreement is made which is then signed by both the individuals and groups. One of the crucial element in writing a business or formal agreement is that it must be in accordance to the relevant law and should include the legal class.

There are some basic elements of an agreement which are listed below

1. Offer

To be agreed on something, anything should be offered first, the deal or operation is offered by one party and the other will look into the offer to accept it or not

2. Acceptance

For an agreement to be made the offer should be accepted by the other person or party. Mutual consent: It is obvious that both the parties have the similar consent upon the offer, so they are ready to agree on the terms and conditions of the dealing

3. Consideration

In various cases the mutual exchange of currency or goods or services are considered in an agreement.

4. Legal Bindings

A good agreement always respects the legal bindings and both the group is ready to follow the law.

Agreements are written in nearly every business and lifestyle proceedings. Even family matters are resolved via written agreements and the agreement free on-line templates serves their best to stress free the parties of writing long manuscript in shape of agreements. The full customizable option delivered on agreement templates help you to format your very own agreement of any category.

Some examples of common agreements include

  • Dealership agreement
  • Consignment agreement
  • Financial agreement
  • Employer agreement
  • Purchase agreements

advertising agency agreement
Advertising Agency Agreement
 File Size: 23 KB Download .DOC

advisory board agreement
Advisory Board Agreement
 File Size: 36 KB Download .DOC

business agreement
Business Agreement
 File Size: 31 KB Download .DOC

commercial lease agreement
Commercial Lease Agreement
 File Size: 29 KB Download .DOC

confidentiality agreement
Confidentiality Agreement
 File Size: 27 KB Download .DOC

consignment agreement
Consignment Agreement
 File Size: 19 KB Download .DOC

construction agreement
Construction Agreement
 File Size: 30 KB Download .DOC

consultancy agreement
Consultancy Agreement
 File Size: 28 KB Download .DOC

consulting agreement
Consulting Agreement
 File Size: 39 KB Download .DOC

dealership agreement
Dealership Agreement
 File Size: 37 KB Download .DOC

Distributor agreement
Distributor Agreement
 File Size: 43 KB Download .DOC

divorse settlement agreement
Divorce Settlement Agreement
 File Size: 34 KB Download .DOC

employment agreement
Employment Agreement
 File Size: 35 KB Download .DOC

Exclusively supply agreement
Exclusively Supply Agreement
 File Size: 31 KB Download .DOC

Farm land lease agreement
Farm Land Lease Agreement
 File Size: 36 KB Download .DOC

finance agreement
Finance Agreement
 File Size: 27 KB Download .DOC

franchise agreement
Franchise Agreement
 File Size: 29 KB Download .DOC

industry business agreement
Industry Business Agreement
 File Size: 46 KB Download .DOC

IT Services agreement
IT Services Agreement
 File Size: 32 KB Download .DOC

joint venture agreement
Joint Venture Agreement
 File Size: 28 KB Download .DOC

loan agreement
Loan Agreement
 File Size: 28 KB Download .DOC

marriage separation agreement
Marriage Separation Agreement
 File Size: 35 KB Download .DOC

Non disclosure and confidentiality agreement
Non Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement
 File Size: 37 KB Download .DOC

partnership agreement
Partnership Agreement
 File Size: 42 KB Download .DOC

prenuptial agreement
Prenuptial Agreement
 File Size: 43 KB Download .DOC

Project agreement
Project Agreement
 File Size: 57 KB Download .DOC

purchase agreement
Purchase Agreement
 File Size: 32 KB Download .DOC

rental agreement
Rental Agreement
 File Size: 47 KB Download .DOC

residentail lease agreement
Residential Lease Agreement
 File Size: 41 KB Download .DOC

sales agreement
Sales Agreement
 File Size: 46 KB Download .DOC

service level agreement
Service Level Agreement
 File Size: 57 KB Download .DOC

services agreement
Services Agreement
 File Size: 47 KB Download .DOC

software license agreement
Software License Agreement
 File Size: 43 KB Download .DOC

sponsorship agreement
Sponsorship Agreement
 File Size: 44 KB Download .DOC

staff training agreement
Staff Training Agreement
 File Size: 28 KB Download .DOC

tenancy agreement
Tenancy Agreement
 File Size: 39 KB Download .DOC


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